How to order

If you want to pay with Shop Pay
Step 1: You put the product you want in the
Step 2: You can pay directly using the
PayPal button or you can use Shoppay, where you have
several options such as credit card, debit card
and many others.

Step 3: If you use Shoppay, you get the image
Next, enter your email address and click the button
then enter your mobile number.
You will receive a code on your mobile phone which you
will need to enter the next step.

Step 4: In the next step you need to enter the code that
You received by SMS to the given number.Then the code is
checked and you proceed to the next step.
Step 5: In the next step you can choose between
standard and express shipping and enter the details of
your credit card. Check your entries again and
click the Pay Now button.
You did, you placed an order and you will receive
a confirmation by email.

If you want to pay via PayPal
Step 1: You press the PayPal button and you will be
directly redirected to PayPal. There you enter your data
Access and make payment directly through PayPal.
You will then be redirected to our website.
Payment via Western Union or Money Gramm
Step 1: You write to us if you want to pay with
western union or Money gram.we give you the value as
you need to send us and other data.You will then
at their local branch and pay the amount there.
You will receive a code that you must communicate to us so that
we can collect the money here.As soon as we have
money, the package will be sent immediately and you will receive
a tracking number from us.