Virginia Care a good alternative to hymenoplasties

In times when our modern lives don't always conform to traditional expectations of family, religion or culture, we need solutions like Virginia Care.

The reasons for a ruptured hymen are many and personal. But faced with the traditional expectations of many families at marriage, young women these days must find a solution that helps them get married without fear of problems because of their hymen which is no longer intact.

For this there are different options: they can undergo surgery to reconstruct the hymen, called hymenoplasty. According to an article in the Journal des Femmes, “The operated area may be painful 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. The healing is relatively fast (about 2 weeks for the reconstructed hymen to be completely healed).” And concerning the prices, Le Monde writes “Count about 1500 € the intervention. No reimbursement is provided by Health Insurance if the operation is carried out for personal reasons. On the other hand, it can be taken care of if it is carried out following a sexual assault.

This surgery, which is then not only painful, but also expensive, must be planned in advance, take place shortly before the wedding and may be more difficult to be done discreetly. And who can enjoy their marriage soon after painful surgery?

For all these reasons, Virginia Care offers a real alternative to brides and grooms!

Virginia Care offers different products designed for the needs of young women. All of our products are easy to use and affordable. These are practical, quick and totally painless solutions. In addition, they are absolutely safe for health and sold in pharmacies in different countries. To learn more about the different Virginia Care products, please visit our products page.

For ten years these innovative products have been helping young women who need to prove an intact virginity that they no longer have. There are many reasons for the breakdown of the hymen, but often little understanding from the family in a traditional marriage. Many young women are afraid of losing their face to their families or fear that they will not be able to get married. For these women, Virginia Care represents a good alternative to hymenoplasties, which are expensive and painful. By using our products you save a lot of money and the inconvenience of a medical procedure!

Virginia Care offers different products according to the needs of women who want to ensure that their marriage can go smoothly. Our success for 10 years consists in helping young women to discreetly confirm their virginity. The results are 100% sure and Virginia Care guarantees them a satisfactory result.

For more information on Virginia Care products visit our products page.

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